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The Lesbian Avenger Documentary Project
The defeat of same-sex marriage in California in 2008 wasn't just a sign of conservative power, but a failure of LGBT activists to learn from the past. Harvey Milk, for instance, was among the first to be extremely successful organizing "out" campaigns in San Francisco in the 70's.

Then there was the Lesbian Avengers Civil Rights Organizing Project that operated in rural Idaho in 1994 to help defeat the anti-gay Proposition One. Extremely effective, extremely "out," their grassroots organizing techniques weren't geared just to defeat a single anti-gay initiative, but to create community with a long-term vision of social change and liberation.

Didn't know about the Avengers? That's why Homocom recently began to sponsor the Lesbian Avenger Documentary Project focusing on the groundbreaking work and successful techniques of this media-savvy direct action group.

Media Projects
The Gully en espanol graphicStill attracting tens of thousands of visitors each month, The Gully online magazine (2000-2006) remains as a global LGBT resource. Nowhere else can you find Study: MSM and HIV in Ghana or Ni varón, ni mujer: travesti a video featuring Argentinean trans activist Lohana Berkins.

Known for its groundbreaking journalism, The Gully redefined gay issues, juxtaposing "mainstream" concerns like the Iraq War or world cup soccer with "queer" ones like the fight for lesbian rights in Guatemala.

Expanding a model of community journalism, topics often directly reflected the needs of international LGBT activists. An email from African Ancestral Lesbians United For Social Change, led to Erasing Sakia about the murder of a young black lesbian in Newark, New Jersey, and the indifference of the black political establishment there. An Iranian activist inspired a series of articles including A Mother Takes on the Ayatollah. At every step we tried to offer resources allowing readers to get involved.

The Gully en español remains an especially important resource. Though Spanish is the first language of more than 300 million people in 21 countries worldwide, The Gully en español was one of the first sources of LGBT news, culture and thought in Spanish.

Unleashing Journalists
In association with The Gully, we held "Out For the Truth" youth journalism workshops with students participating from Latin America, the U.S., and Russia. The young Russian lesbian became the first intern of The Gully.

We've continued to support activists and young journalists with our online resources like Journalism 101.

Creating Role Models
"In Our Own Words," our first oral history project, completed several interviews. Many were published as first person essays in The Gully. Interviewees included Mona, an Iranian lesbian still living in Iran, Cheikh, a gay African immigrant AIDS worker in London, and a young Russian student in the United States.

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Avengers 25 graphic

Nearly twenty-five years ago, the Lesbian Avengers kicked off with a daring action encouraging elementary school children to "Ask about Lesbian Lives."

This simple, but taboo-busting gesture launched an extraordinary movement that spoke to lesbians everywhere. Begun by Avenger chapters, Dyke Marches are still organized in cities across the globe.

Join with the Lesbian Avenger Documentary Project, as they use the 25th anniversary of the Lesbian Avengers to share dyke history and encourage activism with exhibits, parties, film screenings, and more.

FHAR, Paris, 1971.

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